The Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga (HSTY) is dedicated to propagating traditional yoga, i.e. the essence of yoga as per the original teachings codified in the scriptures by Maharishi Patanjali. HSTY’s mission is to promote a culture of yoga and make it accessible to all of mankind, beyond boundaries of country, religion, gender, class and wealth.

At its core, traditional yoga is all about simplicity and about being natural. A yogi is natural, i.e. lives in a state in which the body, mind and soul are in unison. This leads to health and equanimity, a state where one is happy and without anxieties, anger or stress. When practicing yoga, a sincere yoga practitioner gets fully in tune with his/her body and its subtle processes, thus quieting the mind.

In HSTY we do not look at yoga as exercise, but rather as a set of practices that help take one back to his/her original state. We look at yoga as a means to increase the awareness of one’s body and align the system to allow the expansion of consciousness.

HSTY’s yoga lessons are presented in the original form as it existed eons ago, with no change in form or presentation. Many of the contemporary Yoga schools pay more attention to the element of fitness, or the physical aspect, thus making Yoga practice suited to the specific interests of groups. Further, the ancient practices have been modified to support these specific interests thus reducing the holistic efficacy of yoga geared towards the body, mind and soul. The focus of these practices is on activity rather than awareness; seeking out rather than seeking within.

In such a scenario, HSTY remains loyal to the original teachings marked by the simplicity and depth of practice. Hence, Traditional Yoga is easy for people to adopt into their daily lives and benefit from the practice. Systematic practice of Traditional Yoga helps people break free from complexities of life and obtain relief from physical, mental or psychosomatic illnesses. Furthermore, healthy and happy people can contribute significantly to the upliftment of society.

A typical yoga session from HSTY includes:

  • Light Yogic exercises that are effective warm up exercises to prepare the body for more demanding Yogic postures. Light yogic exercises also cleanse the meridians in the subtle body

  • Selected Yoga postures (asanas) and Pranayama, with insights about nadis (meridians) and chakras and effective cleansing of the same

  • Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar)

  • Yoga Nidra with mantra chanting (aimed at activating centres in the cortex of the brain for effective relaxation, soaking in the beautiful effects of the entire Yoga practice) and/or Laughter Yoga

Our Faculty

Yogacharya Sanjay is the chief teacher of HSTY. With over 30 years of experience in the field of yoga, Sanjay Sir, as he is affectionately called by his students, has guided and elevated many in the philosophy of yoga – from schools, colleges, corporate, government, international retreats, to competitive teams. His life purpose is to spread the original message of yoga in its purest form as enshrined in the scriptures. His resume is packed with rich experience.

He has been the official Yoga instructor for Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, India, and has been a senior yoga instructor at different programs sponsored by the Government of India. Sanjay Sir holds degrees in yoga, naturopathy and yogic sciences besides a multitude of certificates in yoga teaching.

He has won gold medals representing Jammu & Kashmir state in national yoga championships. He has also been the official coach of national and international yoga championships and conferences. Through his uniquely structured yoga sessions, developed after intensive study and research, he has positively impacted hundreds of people, including the participants of multiple spiritual retreats with Mohanji.

He also uses his knowledge of Naadi Shastra (science of meridians in the subtle body) for the enhanced healing and cleansing of students.

Devi Mohan is a core member and senior teacher of HSTY. She is a certified Yoga Instructor, President of an international charity ACT Foundation and an active member of the international spiritual mission of Mohanji from its onset in 2007. Devi’s outlook, work experience and education are cosmopolitan – after 2 years of work experience in the United Nations in Former Yugoslavia, she pursued her studies in International Affairs in Italy, followed by MA degree in Peace Studies from Notre Dame University in US. Her Yoga training includes two Hatha Yoga certifications from India and one from American Yoga Alliance.

Besides leading yoga sessions at pilgrimages and Mohanji retreats globally, Devi conducts yoga workshops and seminars in Serbia and internationally, as well as Yoga and Pranayama workshops at Universities. She also conducts regular Yoga sessions at her private Yoga studio in Serbia.

Her passion, however, is to serve humanity and promote peace at the individual level, through experiential spirituality, energy healing, charity work, healthy lifestyle and sincere application of the wisdom and practices of the ancient science of Yoga in one’s life.

Our Logo

HSTY logo symbolizes key elements of our philosophy. The yogi is seated on a lotus, a flower with special symbolism. Just like the lotus is pure and majestic, in spite of growing in muddy waters, a yogi remains mentally and physically above all problems of life and society. The mountain represents the Himalayas, i.e., the grandeur, the origins and the elegance of the yoga tradition. Yoga itself stands for the union of body, mind, intellect, spirit and soul and the very practice of reaching that unity. This unity brings about elevation in awareness, so that you can return to “be yourself” again.


“We would like to thank you so much for creating this 2-hour yoga session. The feeling was very good. We have never felt so calm and peaceful during and after a yoga session. The mind was totally relaxed. During the session, I felt so much of heat coming through the manipura chakra. The body is totally relaxed. We hope to continue regularly and benefit out of it. Thank you once again.”

Anand Prasad, USA

“HSTY is a unique sadhana felt through my soul. Yogacharya Sanjay made each asana feel majestic, leaving each person practicing this divine sadhana with a beautiful connection with their heart, mind and soul. Each asana is followed by an intuitive meditation for a few seconds increasing our connectivity to ourself. This yoga brings peace within and around us, a calmness that one can never imagine and a closeness to the Divine that can only be called a gift from HSTY to me.”

Neha Parekh, Canada

“Having practiced different styles of Yoga taught by different teachers, the impact of the HSTY style was immediate. The yoga routine designed by Sanjay Sir in the traditional style beautifully flows from simple warm-up exercises to basic yoga postures and gradually leading to Sun Salutations/Surya Namaskar. The uniqueness of the Surya Namaskar is that at each stage (posture) there is a mantra invoking Surya (the Sun God) to be chanted making it a sublime practice. The pranayama exercises are rejuvenating!

Last but not the least the Yoga practice concludes with Laughter Yoga – it is contagious and relaxes the whole body. It triggers release of endorphins, promoting overall sense of well-being!

I highly recommend the HTSY yoga practice – it’s fun and very enjoyable!”

Manu Gupta, USA

“I was excited to share this amazing chance to feel and practice Yoga in its original form, with appropriate sequencing while being deeply connected with the divine within. Peaceful, easy asanas accompanied with mantras and laughter at the end was not only well accepted but also enjoyed with full heart. The asanas are simple, yet energising and the feeling of love permeated all the session. Gratitude to Sanjay Sir and Mohanji for bringing Yoga in this pure and original form to the world, to lead people to higher states of well-being and awareness.”

Biljana Vozarevic, Serbia

“Sanjay Sir did such a great job. We are blessed to have him in Dubai. He truly makes yoga simple and efficient and inspires us to practice yoga daily.  We are so blessed.”

Sahar Aloumi, Dubai