Himalayan School of Traditional Dance is a global initiative founded by Brahmarishi Mohanji, that takes one on a journey to experience awareness, alignment and devotion through the traditional dance forms of Bharat.

Himalayan School of Traditional dance brings to you the traditional dance forms in their pure form, available and accessible to one and all.

Himalayan school represents a grand tradition of Masters who have been guiding humanity towards liberated existence. It provides a platform to connect to oneself through dance, experience the joy while appreciating the nuances and aesthetics of the classical art form and progress towards inner transformation simultaneously. Art, by its very nature, transcends boundaries and allows the individual to expand gradually into cosmic consciousness. Himalayan School of Traditional Dance is the first of its kind in that its primary goal is to spread harmony, connect people to the spiritual essence of this art form and enable one to experience the joy of liberated existence.

Mohanji’s message for HSTD is to “Spread harmony by uniting the aspects of Bharat – Bhaav, Raag and Taal through synchronised movements of classical dance forms of Bharat to every corner of the earth..”

Dance forms

Dance is a complete artform with poetry, visuals, music and drama. It brings together and aligns the body, mind and spirit. Verses from Natyashastra describes how the awareness progresses into alignment and alignment dissolves the mind and evokes devotion and culminates in Rasa – The essence


Bharatanatyam is a traditional dance form of South India which has been brought down to the world from the celestial realms by the great Sage Bharata. Bhava, Raga and Tala assimilated into one as Bharatanatyam, is named after the Sage Bharata who gave us the “Natyashastra”, the great literature of performing arts. This sublime and beautiful artform blends the aspect of grace, vigor, movement (Nrita) and expressions (Abhinaya) to experience life in its totality. An artform so perfect that works synchronously in time and space, bringing out the nectar of the inner self.


Kathak is one of the eight major forms of Indian classical dance. The origin of Kathak is traditionally attributed to the travelling bards of ancient northern India known as Kathakars or story tellers. Wandering kathakars communicated stories from great epics and ancient mythology through dance, songs and music. Kathak dancers tell stories through their hand movements, extensive foot work and facial expressions. Kathak travels through the dancer’s body, mind and emotions, exploring new dimensions and diverse processes. It is the celebration of the “Inner self”.

Align, stabilize and energise yourself
Experience stillness in motion
Experience the joy of liberated existence
Connect to inner self


Radha Subramanian

Artistic director Nritya Bhushan

Dancing is my passion, my Calling!!!

Arti Paranjpe

Artistic director Nrityalankar

Kathak, a journey into the self!!!

OUR Programs

HSTD brings to you a variety of workshops and certified courses that expose a learner to the myriad dimensions of the artform. These courses have been specially designed keeping in mind the needs of the students at various levels –beginners, intermediate and professional performers and are open to all connoisseurs of Indian dance forms.


Workshop - Mitram

Mitram means friendship. This workshop facilitates spontaneous love towards the dance form by just opening up with basic movements and postures and learning the history of the artform.

Level 1 Certification - Tattva

Tatva means the principle or the essence. On completing the course, the artist would definitely relate to the principle of Bharatanatyam as a medium, to connect to higher self.

Level 2 Certification - Bodham

Level 2 certification, Bodham. It is designed to allow participants to experience dance as the source of many beautiful aspects

Level 3 Certification - Ekam

Level 3 certification, Ekam, the learner progresses from executing basic exercises to being able to perform a challenging item involving rhythmic movements coupled with Abhinaya.

Teacher’s training course - Aikyam

This is a long term certified course based on the interest and passion of the individual to pursue the artform moving towards perfection. This would enable the learner to emerge as a full fledged artiste capable of giving stage performances and train others. As the course name suggests, it aims to merge with dance itself towards completion.


Workshop - Aarambh... A beginning

Aarambh signifies the beginning of anything. With this introductory workshop, allow your being to initiate into the rhythm of Kathak!

Level 1 Certification - Sannidhi

Sannidhi is the connection between your mind and body. Through the course, we hope to help you with the transcendental experience of a soulful connection.

Level 2 Certification - Trimitee

Trimitee includes the three dimensions of your mind, body and soul. It’s an intense 15 days workshop aiming at the rhythmic dialogue that segues through your mind, body and soul, creating a holistic experience that is Kathak!

Level 3 Certification - Spandan

It is the vibration, the heartbeat that signifies the urge to learn an art form. Through Spandan, get your being in tune with the beats of Kathak and experience the echo of those vibrations that energise your existence!

Teacher’s training course - Kshitij

Kshitij is the horizon that holds new challenges, helping explore ourselves in the journey. This journey towards the horizons of Kathak is infinite, because as you learn, you explore; and as you explore, you learn! Kathak is an art of devotion. To learn any Indsian classical dance, you need dedication, devotion and commitment. It takes years to perfect this art. We offer to expand your horizons through Kshitij through Certification