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Alignment and Devotion
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The Mother Of All Languages
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Himalayan School is an institution with the vision of bringing alignment and elevation in awareness through traditional sciences of yoga, dance and sanskrit and creating a society of powerful and stable individuals that can spread light and positivity across the world.


The Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga (HSTY) is dedicated to propagating traditional yoga, i.e. the essence of yoga as per the original teachings codified in the scriptures by Maharishi Patanjali.

Himalayan School of Traditional Dance (HSTD) is a global initiative founded by Mohanji, that takes one on a journey to experience awareness, alignment and devotion through the traditional dance forms of Bharath.

Himalayan School of Traditional Languages (HSTL) is a global initiative founded by Mohanji, to spread the light of Sanskrit to reach every corner of the world and thus making the human mind peaceful and aligned.


With a view to facilitating  remote learning, HSTY is now making classes available online. For those who would like to practise at their own pace and time, Himalayan School offers online video lessons that can be downloaded and viewed as per your schedule. The lessons are offered for beginners as well as intermediate practitioners.






Traditional Yoga – Into the Depth of Yoga

Announcing the launch of our first book “Traditional Yoga – Into the Depth of Yoga”. With detailed descriptions and pictorial representations of various asanas, pranayamas and bandhas, this book is a handy guide to the essential practices of traditional yoga.